Saturday, January 5, 2008

Ray Farkas died peacefully January 4, 2008 at Community Hospice in Washington DC.

He died as he lived with grace and aplomb... relishing time with those he loved... each savoring their unique bond with him. Ray's glow lives on in the lives he touched. Which were many. He brought out the storyteller in all of us. Please add your story about Ray to those below.

Ray gave the ultimate gift of his bodily remains to Georgetown University Hospital for medical research. He is grateful to the doctors there for the full life he lived during the past three years as a result of deep brain stimulators which allowed him to cope with Parkinsons. His premature death from colon cancer was a cruel blow for a man who prevailed in the face of greater health challenges.

Ray's children -- Mark, Julie, Danny & Andrew -- and his brother Gene, and I are deeply moved by the gift of your stories.  In your words... "Ray's generous and creative spirit and the zest for life he infused in those around him... lives on".